About Namie

Where History and Resilience Converge


Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Fukushima, Namie Town beckons travellers to embrace a unique blend of cherished traditions and rejuvenating experiences. From the timeless allure of its cultural heritage to the vibrant pulse of contemporary renewal, Namie Town promises a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Brief History

With a legacy dating back centuries, Namie Town has witnessed the ebb and flow of time, preserving its cultural identity while embracing modernity. A testament to the resilience of its residents, the town has overcome adversities with an unwavering determination to carve a promising path forward.

Things to do

Unearth the secrets of the Pokemon Chancey, relish the serenity of the Ukedo Harbor, or engage in soulful gourmet food with Namie Stir-fried noodles (Namie Yakisoba). Also, do no miss out on Ohori Soma Yaki – traditional form of pottery which is now a dear part of Namie’s cultural heritage.

Model Course

Catch ‘Em All at Namie!

This model course gives you the time required, a basic itinerary, a quick outline of the places you’ll visit and finally lists specific details regarding each place on the itinerary.

Itinerary at a Glance

Time Required : Approximately 4 hours

Namie Station

5 minutes
by Namie Smart Mobility Service

Michinoeki Namie (Ice cream at SakeKura Yui)

1 minute
by foot

Chancey’s Lucky Park

1 minute
by foot

Lunch @ Michinoeki Namie

15 minutes
by Namie Smart Mobility Service

The Ruins of Ukedo Elementary School

15 minutes
by Namie Smart Mobility Service

Namie Station


If you plan to reach around 11 am, we recommend an early lunch and follow it up with ice cream to avoid the rush hour at Michinoeki Namie!


After you arrive at Namie Station, head to Michinoeki Namie. You can use the ‘Namie Smart Mobility’ service, which should get you there in about five minutes or you can walk, which will probably take you about twenty-five minutes.

At Michinoeki, we first recommend you try the Amazake ice cream at SakeKura Yui, a distinct Japanese flavor made at a sake store that has been around for many years now. There’s also classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, and occasional seasonal offerings.

After you’ve fueled yourself with ice cream, hang out at Chancey’s Lucky Park. We especially recommend the swings! Let the inner child in yourself free! You can also take a walk by the river adjacent to the park.

Head inside to Michinoeki, which has a MUJI store and several restaurants. It’s the perfect place for a meal, one of its highlights being the all-you-can-eat shirasu (whitebait fish) over rice! PS: If you’re feeling adventurous, we also recommend the shirasu ice cream (yes, you read it right).

Head to The Ruins of Ukedo Elementary School. This is about 6 km from Michinoeki so we definitely recommend using the ‘Namie Smart Mobility’ service. You can book a guide here.

Head back to Namie Station.

Let’s get to know the places on the route better!