About Okuma

Nature's Embrace in Fukushima's Heart


Set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Fukushima, Okuma Town invites visitors to immerse themselves in the cradle of nature’s serene embrace. From its lush greenery to the gentle whispers of the Okuma River, this town offers a sanctuary for those seeking solace and rejuvenation.

Brief History

Once renowned for its harmonious blend of traditional charm and modern dynamism, Okuma Town encountered challenges that reshaped its narrative. Undeterred by the trials, the town has emerged as a beacon of sustainable progress, fostering an environment where nature and humanity coexist in perfect harmony.

Things to do

Reconnect with nature at the kashiramori Park, bask in the ethereal beauty of the Oyamazumi Shrine, or dive into delicious summer strawberries at Okuma Nexus Farm.

Model Course

Off to Okuma!

This model course gives you the time required, a basic itinerary, a quick outline of the places you’ll visit and finally lists specific details regarding each place on the itinerary.

Itinerary at a Glance

Time Required : Approximately 4 hours

Ono Station

5 minutes by taxi / 20 minutes on foot

Okuma Incubation Center

10 minutes by taxi/ 20 minutes by bus

kashiramori Park

2 minutes by foot

Linkkuru Okuma/Hotto Okuma

10 minutes by taxi/ 20 minutes by bus

Ono Station


After you arrive at Ono Station, take a bus to the Okuma Incubation Center. If you want to walk, it’ll probably take you around twenty minutes. This place will help you get an overview of Okuma town, and you’ll probably also get the chance to meet some really cool entrepreneurs! The center has some snacks to help you refuel too.

Take a bus to the yakuba or city hall, and head to kashiramori Park (about 5 minutes). There’s a short climb at the end of which you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the ocean! This is a great place for a picnic lunch so we recommend you carry your food along with you (probably buy a bento box from the conbini !).

Head to the Oyamazumi Shrine, admire the 400-year old cedar trees and make sure you have your wishes ready because the mountain God enshrined here is fabled to grant them all!

Head to Linkkuru Okuma, a 15-minute walk, which is a facility featuring a training studio that has been used by Olympic athletes. Next to Linkkuru Okuma is Hotto Okuma, which would give you the perfect Japanese onsen (hot spring bath) experience to finish your trip!

Take a bus or taxi back to the station.

Let’s get to know the places on the route better!