About Tomioka

Where Tradition Meets Renewal


Gracing the landscapes of Fukushima, Tomioka Town weaves a captivating tale of time-honoured tradition and progressive transformation. From its revered cultural heritage to the vibrancy of its contemporary endeavours, the town exudes an enchanting blend of the past and the present, inviting travellers to embark on a remarkable journey of exploration and rejuvenation.

Brief History

Deeply rooted in a legacy that spans generations, Tomioka Town epitomises the resilience and adaptability of a community that has embraced change while cherishing its heritage. Through a tumultuous history, the town has emerged as a testament to the enduring spirit of its people and their commitment to shaping a promising future.

Things to do

Uncover the mysteries of the Ohara’s Old Head Office, savour the serenity of the Tomioka Fish Harbour, or educate yourself at the TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Centre.

Model Course

A Taste of Tomioka!

This model course gives you the time required, a basic itinerary, a quick outline of the places you’ll visit and finally lists specific details regarding each place on the itinerary.

Itinerary at a Glance

Time Required : Approximately 4 hours

Tomioka Station

15 minutes by foot

Tomioka Fishing Harbor

25 minutes by foot/5 minutes by taxi

Lunch @ Sakura Mall

25 minutes by foot/5 minutes by taxi

Historical Archive Museum of Tomioka

20 minutes by foot/5 minutes by taxi

Ohara’s Old Head Office

20 minutes by foot/5 minutes by taxi

Tomioka Station


After arriving at Tomioka Station, walk to Tomioka Fishing Harbor (about a 10-minute walk). As you climb up a hill you’ll encounter there, you will see the Pacific Ocean in all its glory (If you reserve in advance, you can also enjoy fishing here!). In the summer, there’s a really rich, creamy ice cream sold at Tomioka Station which we recommend you buy before you walk to the harbor!

After your sea expedition, we recommend having lunch at Sakura Mall. The Hamadori Ramen served here won the silver prize in the JR East Souvenir Grand Prix, so if you’re feeling ramen-y, this is your go-to spot! There’s also a variety of other shops including curry and cutlets.

Once you have eaten, we recommend walking (20 minutes) or taking the bus (10 minutes) to the Historical Archive Museum of Tomioka! This museum offers a cultural perspective on the town of Tomioka, as it looks at history through the lens of daily life.

While heading to the station, visit the former Ohara Main Store (about 15 minutes), where you can see a photo exhibit of the Tomioka-cho Central Shopping Street, which was bustling with activity before the earthquake, and compare it with the current townscape.

Return to Tomioka Station. (about 15 min.)

Let’s get to know the places on the route better!